Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Recipes

Welcome to PumpkinRecipes.org, possibly the best collection of free recipes for pumpkin on the internet. Whether you are looking for a Hallowe'en treat or just great pumpkin-based food recipes, you will likely find just what you are looking for in our collection. To view a recipe, simply click your desired title from the list below. Enjoy!

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About the Pumpkin

The pumpkin is a large orange squash fruit that grows as a gourd from a vine. This fruit is mostly orange in colour, but they can also be green, yellow or a mixture of all three.

Popular for recipes such as those listed on this site, the pumpkin has become famous as the stereotypical image of Halloween, particularly in the USA and UK. Pumpkins are transformed into Jack O'Lanterns for this annual event by slicing the top and stalk, scooping out the contents leaving a hollow shell that is then decoratively carved. A lit candle is lodged within the shell to create a spooky glowing face or design.

This Halloween tradition was originally based on an ancient Celtic custom brought to America by Irish immigrants who celebrated the end of the Celtic year on 31st October.

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